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The attorneys and staff at Schmidt, Kirby & Sullivan remain committed to serving our clients and potential clients in Springfield and the surrounding area. Our office remains open at this time for business. However, like many offices, we are taking significant precautions to help prevent the spread of the virus to our clients and others.

While we continue to remain accessible and available to assist our clients and potential clients with their legal needs, we encourage scheduled telephone conferences rather than in-person meetings for those who may be immune compromised or do not feel comfortable meeting in our office.

For those who prefer to meet in person, we are taking additional steps to sanitize door handles, surfaces, our restrooms, and our lobby. It is our desire to direct clients to conference rooms or offices as soon as possible after their arrival in an effort to avoid having multiple clients in the lobby at one time.

We continue to monitor the rapidly changing information and response to the pandemic, and will update you should any changes arise concerning our firm’s handling of this situation.

Caring for our clients has always been a priority for us, and that has not changed.

We wish you all well!

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